How Having Heavier Hands Helps You Train Better

These specialized gloves can boost your performance in any sport.

Having fast hands is a good thing, as any goalie, hitter, or boxer will tell you. (Or for that matter, any pickpocket or man about town.) But speed isn’t the only factor. Each sport demands strength and flexibility from your mitts in different ways. That’s where Powerhandz comes in.

It’s not just about wearing heavy gloves. If it were, they’d just be a more stylish alternative to the clunky wrist and ankle weights your grandmother wears on powerwalks around the mall. Along with dexterity, these special gloves help you build confidence…in an ironic way: by making it more difficult for you to do what you do.

For instance, the football gloves are slippery. Why the hell? To make you concentrate that much more on catching and holding onto the ball. That way, when you take off the gloves to actually play, you’ll be that much more strong and focused. Similarly, the basketball gloves make dribbling and catching the ball trickier.

Although they’ve started off with gloves for five popular sports, their lifestyle version can really be used for just about anything, including working out in the gym and running.

Other than just offering an interesting training tool, another cool aspect of the Powerhandz story is their dedicated charity, Power to Give. By raising awareness of organized sporting programs in financially challenged communities, they’re taking a (forgive us) hands-on approach in the most positive sense.

Photos by Powerhandz