This $1,000 iPhone Case Is the Ultimate Privacy Guard

James Bond himself couldn’t find a safer case.

The ultimate iPhone privacy guard

In a best case scenario, the accessories we wrap around our beloved devices protect them—but Privoro ($999) protects you as well. In fact, with several fancy spy-worthy tech layers, it saves you from sabotaging yourself.

The two-stage iPhone 6/S case and cover system physically block your camera, so snoops can’t remotely look in on what you’re doing. Its active audio masking makes it nearly impossible for folks to listen in (digitally). And a virtually impenetrable Faraday cage renders you undetectable to (and therefore not locatable through) cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots and RF technologies.

This is key because you may not even realize how many apps you’ve already granted access to your microphones, cameras, and location. In other words, if you want to straddle the line between digitally connected and maintaining a shred of privacy, this is the protection you need.

Changing its form factor—sliding up the case’s back or removing its cover—helps you tailor your desired protection level based on how you need to use your phone. A companion app verifies that the case is doing its job.

The case's various protective forms
The case’s various protective forms (Photo: Privoro)

For a $249 pre-order deposit, you’re ensured a spot in the production line. According to our sources, the first units will ship in limited quantities in April, with production ramping up in May.

As with all products, depending on its success, its price may come down in the future. Until then, only us super luxurious operatives may have the means to protect our tech-laden lives of international espionage.