Why Carry a Charger When You Can Plug Your Phone into the Wall?

Lightning cable? You don’t need no stinking Lightning cable

Who actually remembers to bring a charger when they go out? Your iPhone’s battery is notoriously leaky, and most evenings devolve into us panhandling our friends and random bar-goers for a cable. But Prong’s just-released new PWR Case ($100) can change that.

Beyond just offering sleek but durable polycarbonate protection, this case allows you to double your phone’s life while it’s sitting in your pocket (or wherever). And when you’re not charging and want to minimize the bulk, the battery detaches . Still no big whoop? The battery also features retractable prongs, so you can power it and/or your phone directly from a wall outlet. Well, L=lightning cable, it’s been real, but…have fun collecting dust.

Photos by Prong