Qello App Review

The easiest way to get Alicia Keys in your bedroom.

The Pitch: What do you get when you cross Netflix’s streaming video content with Pandora’s streaming music content? Hello, Qello.

What It Really Is: A unique streaming service for concerts and music documentaries that captures every genre for almost 100 years, Qello doesn’t just put these on your iPhone for $4.99 a month, it puts them on every device you own – phone, tablet, smart TVs, PC, PS3, AppleTV, etc. – for that same price. What most impressed us was the staggering amount of concerts that are available for streaming on Qello. So, you’ve never seen Pink Floyd perform The Wall? No problem, it’s here. Missed your chance to see one of the seven awesome caricatured Gorillaz shows? That’s here, too. Since Qello is available on most devices, you can easily watch a rare concert on your TV at home, but we also found it to be a wonderful resource in the car, where 4G streaming and Qello’s custom setlist options mean you can curate your own station of rarely-heard-on-the-radio tracks. The extraordinary depth of Qello’s catalog and the versatility to put it on any device that can stream a video makes it one of the most flexible and captivating apps we’ve seen in any app store—and we should know, because we’re always captivated by flexibility.