Most Useful Umbrella Stand in History Actually Tells You the Weather

…before you go outside and figure it out for yourself.

Usually when someone tells you they’ll take a raincheck, it’s a polite way of blowing you off. But this Raincheck will actually tell you which way the wind blows. It’s a finely crafted walnut umbrella stand with some fancy but subtle integrated electronics.

The color and blinking status of its eight lights—which automatically dim after sunset—tell you if the next eight hours will be nice, rainy, snowy and/or something harsh you should definitely stay in to avoid. It gets its info by connecting wirelessly to your router. Even forgetting about the informational function for the moment, we just really dig how this thing looks.

This Kickstarter campaign needs a big last push to get its final forty percent of funding in the next day or so. But the good news is that there are still some early bird options for this sophisticatedly simple, meteorological piece of furniture, including at the $249 level.

Photos by Nick Jonas