Crush Winter With This Insane, Tricked Out Snowmobile

Be the boss of the tundra.

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of a machine so magnificent, it’ll make you wish it were winter already. Such is the case with industrial designer Juan Garcia Mansilla’s Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle (RDSV) concept. According to his website, this beast could be used for “polar exploration, rescue missions, medical emergencies or even sport applications.” Nothing against the worthy uses on that list, but we’re pretty laser-focused on the latter. More specifically, as we picture getting behind the wheel of this badass two-seater, we’re wondering how tricked out the sound system will be, so we can block out the thuds caused by running over stray goggles, ski poles, penguins and lesser snow vehicles.

Check out this video for a glimpse at the RDSV’s journey from pencil sketches to 3D animated renderings:

Though it’s only a concept at this stage, might we suggest a non-stop letter writing campaign to the designer until this monster becomes reality?

Photos by Juan Garcia Mansilla