The Razer Blade QHD+ Is the Supercar of Gaming Laptops

It’s the thinnest, lightest and most powerful rig you can buy.

The Razer Blade QHD+ is the LaFerrari of gaming laptops. Weighing less than five pounds and featuring a precision cut aluminum chassis that makes it as thin as a Macbook Pro, the QHD+ is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful rig available. Display-wise, it’s outfitted with a 14-inch, 3200 x 1800 resolution IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide, in case you’re wondering) QHD multi-touch screen that produces inky blacks and pulsing colors that render every goblin-ridden cave or mortar-shelled conflict zone as they were originally intended. Under the hood there’s a NVIDIA 970m GPU with 3GBs of dedicated VRAM that, when you’re not using it for gaming, will switch over to its integrated Intel chipset graphics for elongated battery life. Elsewhere, there’s a 512Ggb solid state hard drive, 16gbs of system memory and a 2.6ghz quadcore processor that can be turbo boosted to 3.6 ghz and hyper threaded to create eight virtual cores so you can ramp up the power to help you coast through even the most intense Steam sessions. With a souped-up rig like this, the only thing keeping you from the top of the leaderboard is you. $2,200;