The Power-Packed Razer Phone Is the Ultimate Device for Mobile Gamers

Smartphone gaming doesn't have to suck.

If you’re not familiar with Razer, they’re a high-end gaming hardware company that’s carved out a niche for themselves making pro-performance peripherals and lustworthy computers that rival even Apple in terms of style and power. 

Now they’re taking their show on the road by entering the mobile market with their own smartphone, built with the performance that is a trademark of Razer products. Simply called the Razer Phone, this beast is ready to give all other smartphones a run for their money.

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Razer is known for going to extremes with the components they use in their products, and they’re extending that philosophy into their phone. Starting with the 5.7” Quad HD 120 Hz Ultramotion display that gives the phone a PC-level refresh rate that’s smooth and fast enough to perfectly display even the most intense mobile graphics.


The multitouch screen is just the tip of the iceberg. Under the hood, the Razer Phone is touting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, the absolute bleeding edge in terms of mobile performance that’s capable of handling the Razer Phone’s dual rear-facing 12mp cameras and output display in UHD 4K resolution. Those numbers may not mean much to the uninitiated, but it translates to an extraordinary amount of power, especially in a phone.

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Not only will that Snapdragon 850 make the Razer Phone run lightning fast and buttery smooth, it also extends to the battery life of the phone, able to rapid charge the phone’s super-capacity battery to keep you topped off all day long, whether you’re playing or gaming. 

The Razer Phone is also punching out the possibilities of mobile audio, delivering extra decibels with front-facing speakers enhanced by Dolby Atmos sound. If you’re not willing to leave your sound stylings to chance, a USB-C port with adapter will let you connect almost any headphones to the Razer Phone for more private enjoyment.

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Finally, Razer isn’t the kind of company to rest on the laurels of others. The Razer Phone is equipped with the foundation of an Android operating system and, to combat the Android OS shortcomings, they’re pairing it with the Nova Launcher Prime software so you can customize the way the phone performs without losing any of the nicer Android-based perks like Google Assistant

Of course, when a gaming company decides to take a crack at a phone, you can also expect mobile games to be front and center. Razer has partnered with the likes of Square Enix and Tencent to bring major titles like Final Fantasy, Tekken, Titanfall and Runescape to the mobile space in a way we’ve never seen them before on the small screen.

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Whether the Razer Phone is overkill or a harbinger of the direction the entire mobile space is headed remains to be seen. For now, with this design and these specs, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Apple and Samsung start taking cues from the team behind the Razer Phone.

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The Razer Phone is due out November 17th and will carry a price of $700.