This Revolutionary Rear-Entry Motorcycle Helmet Is Safer and Comfier Than Yours

Just as important, it looks and performs better too.

Vozz RS 1.0 rear-entry motorcycle helmet

Vozz RS 1.0 rear-entry motorcycle helmet
Vozz RS 1.0 rear-entry motorcycle helmet (Courtesy of Vozz Helmets)

When it comes to nightclubs, classic ski boots and lifelike sex toys, we’re big fans of rear-entry. So it’s no wonder we’re stoked about Vozz Helmets’ amazing new RS 1.0 motorcycle helmet.

After adjusting the chin cup to fit your jawline once, it’s simply a matter of pressing two buttons to open the helmet, slipping your melon securely in and clicking the helmet snugly shut. Three shell sizes and multiple liner options ensure a perfect fit. And because the helmet itself wraps under your jaw, it performs better at high speeds.

Speaking of which, they also designed the helmet to be much safer and easier for emergency personnel to remove in case you wreck. Always good to avoid making a bad injury worse!

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We look forward to Vozz hitting North America sometime soon. In the meantime, the only chinstraps we’re even remotely thinking about donning are festive New Year’s party hats. And even then, it’ll have to be after knocking back a few.