Reboot Your Life: Gear

De-clutter your closet.

De-clutter your closet.

Five items you should chuck in 2011.

1. Skinny jeans

We know, your girlfriend made you buy them. But if you’re not Russell Brand, they need to go.Replace with: Gap Authentic Fit jeans. They show your legs, not your nuts.

2. Graphic tees

Yes, Nintendo, Journey, and Batman are awesome. But keep them on the walls of your man cave, huh?

Replace with: A broken-in slim pocket crew-neck tee from J.Crew. This way girls see a man, not a man-child.

3. Gimmicky jackets

If it’s laden with epaulets, studs, and nonfunctional zippers and buttons, ditch it. Either it has a purpose or it goes!

Replace with: Burkman Bros. madras anorak. No bells or whistles, and you won’t look like you sing in a boy band.

4. Cargo Pants

Unless you’re heading to the front lines (or you’re a bike messenger), these just make you look like a slob.

Replace with:Bonobos Congos safari green washed chinos. They’re casual without screaming,

“I own eight bongs.

5. Bulky Sneakers

Keep these for the gym, unless you want to look like Frankenstein’s fashion-challenged monster.

Replace with: Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars in navy blue. They’ve been stylish for nearly 100 years, so they’re not going away any­time soon.

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