The Recon Jet Will Transform You into a Stat-Tracking Terminator

An embedded heads-up display overlays every element of your workout. 

Want an in-depth readout of your next run or mountain bike ride? You could strap on a buzzing Bluetooth bracelet and GPS watch, or you could wear the Recon Jet and stare down the road with Terminator-like vision. The polarized sunglasses are equipped with a built-in heads up display that not only relays such stats as pace, distance, and speed but also provides turn-based directions and pairs wirelessly with other devices. Positioned just below eye level, the screen won’t interrupt your line of sight. But when you do glance down, the easy-to-read display projects data that’s equivalent of viewing a 30-inch television from seven feet away. An array of internal processors and pressure sensors gather the information, all of which can be flung to fitness apps for further review. Design-wise, the glasses are as over-the-top as a pair of highlighter yellow Lycra leggings; but when you’re rocketing down a mountain and viewing your exact route on an eye-level map, you won’t care. $700;