Remote Control

New tech tools for geeking out off the grid.

Built to military specs, the wide-screen Panasonic Toughbook 52 has components worthy of the wispiest IT nerd, stuffed into a burly magnesium alloy case.


If you’re too clueless to read the Suunto X6M Black’s compass or altimeter when lost, it’ll still look pretty around your lifeless wrist.


Garmin’s Rino 530HCx two-way radio is highly sensitive—like you—and if your buddy has one, you can see each other’s location on-screen.


The DirecTV Sat-Go portable 17-inch LCD TV looks like a suitcase but unfolds to get down to real business: watching The Jeffersons on a Moab mountaintop.


Need juice? Xantrex’s XPower Powerpack Solar pulls up to five watts from the sun and willpower a laptop, so you can peep porn around the campfire.