Rev Up Your Downhill

A safe, stylish retro bucket lid for your downhill runs.

Snow sport helmets are designed to defend your head from brain-shaking spills; but that doesn’t mean they have to be bland black lids with no sense of style. The Mashman, the first snow helmet from Electric, mixes next level safety tech with a retro café-racer vibe that’s far more Steve McQueen than Shaun White. Built from a combination of urethane and Poron XRD — the same lightweight, breathable material used to make NFL helmets — the bucket lid firms up rapidly on impact to absorb up to 90-percent of the energy of high-speed crashes.

It’s also well-padded and comfortable with a variety of front and back vents that keep heads from overheating. Smart touches abound, like a leather strap that keeps goggles from flying off your face in the event of a wipeout and an integrated magnet in the helmet clasp that’s easy to connect even when wearing big gloves. The Mashman is available in a handful of colorways, from checkered to matte silver. We dig the striped tangerine pattern, but all options offer a stand out look for the slopes. [$150 (mattes); $170 (flake)]