Ride Along With This Screaming, Dirt-Slinging Race Bike

On-bike video shows the thrill of flat track motorcycle racing.

Americans started out racing motorcycles on converted horse racing oval tracks, and AMA Pro Racing will crown its 2015 Grand National Champion on an oval at the AMA Pro Flat Track Finals in Las Vegas, Nov. 20.

To give you a taste of the riding, retired champ Chris Carr mounted cameras on his bike for a Maxim exclusive demonstration of what it looks like to ride these machines on the track. 

The Grand National Championship sees mastery of a variety of skills as the key for top racers, so while the series is concentrated on the same kind of dirt ovals run by the likes of Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh, the motorcycles also run on so-called "TT" courses that are winding tracks that include jumps.

And for more variety on the ovals, sometimes racers ride the big 90-horsepower twin-cylinder machines, while at other circuits they use the lighter, more maneuverable 60-horsepower single-cylinder bikes.

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Photos by Dave Hoenig