Riva’s New Yacht Is a Sports Car for the Sea

The new Riva ‘76 is ready to take your summer up a notch.

When temperatures start climbing, an afternoon on the water is the ultimate respite from summer’s unrelenting heat. But if you’re going boating, you’ve got to do it right. And nothing has ever looked more “right” to us than Riva’s newest yacht, the ‘76 Coupe.

With two V12 1,550 MHP engines and a top speed of 37 knots, Riva will have you barreling through the water in the utmost of style. They’ve even designed a fresh new hue; a combination of their Moon Grey and Dark Black, which creates a metallic look that almost resembles a bullet.

The decor embraces all of the elements that come to mind when you hear the word “yacht.” Wood, leather, lacquered surfaces, and stainless steel come together to create a luxurious finish that’s not afraid to go fast and get dirty. [Pricing available upon request.]

Photos by Riva Yacht Facebook