This Robot Bartender Uses AI Tech To Serve Perfect Cocktails

Get that perfect pour every time thanks to artificial intelligence.


Forget the pre-mixed drink pods or whatever might go in a Keurig for cocktails. Barsys has created a robot bartender ready to precisely mix the perfect cocktail based on your preferences. Customers can choose from pre-made recipes but will also have options for customized or original mixes.

And the Barsys 2.0 isn’t a dumb machine with a vestigial chip or two to make it a little more precise–it’s straight-up powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The second generation of Barsys’ robot bartender launches this week. It will offer both those recipes and the ability to customize a drink to your taste using up to 5 base spirits and 3 mixers, and will have a Bluetooth hookup that permits control from smartphones, tablets, or a Bluetooth-equipped computer. 

The AI? That’s what the Barsys 2.0 uses to ensure you get the same great taste every time. 

Barsys isn’t just targeting consumers, it’s also going after commercial customers, bars and restaurants. Flesh-and-blood barkeeps are irreplaceable, of course–Barsys essentially just wants to help them out by reducing wasted product.

Beginning July 22, you can it for $1,500 here.