Never Mow Your Own Lawn Again With This Helpful Robot

Your kids won’t have to either

There are few chores more distinctly manly than mowing your lawn. Unfortunately, cutting grass is objectively worst. I know because I was raised of South Carolina by divorced parents with two lawns apiece — all individually larger than my current Manhattan-based one bedroom apartment, — I was at one point the primary lawn mower for a set of households. Don’t get me started on the week the electric mower broke and I had  to use the hand mower. This sort of child labor shall soon pass.

As we’ve all pretty much conceded that robots are going to take over the world, it’s only right we let them do the heavy lifting for now.  The good people at iRobot (the same guys who made Roomba, the robot vacuum cleaner) just got clearance to move forward with their plans to bring a robotic lawn mower to market. Praise Joseph F. Engleberger. Sadly, there’s no word on when to expect iRobot’s iteration but just the knowledge that it’s on the way has us swigging a cold brew.

We get it though: you want your robots and you want them now. Well, if you’ve got a grand to spare, WORX has you covered with their Landroid that’s smart enough to scurry back to it’s home base when it’s raining or dying and even handles inclines up to 20 degrees.

There’s also the Bosch Indego Cordless Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower. If you’re angling for more time in your hammock, get yours now.