The Robotic Action Camera

The SoloShot2 motorized camera kit tracks, tilts, and pans automatically to snag your extreme feats.

We’re overwhelmed by action. Clips of mountain bikers performing backflips, climbers dangling hopeless by their fingers, and other evidence of extreme feats consume our social media feeds. Sure, it’s the stunts that draw us in, but it’s also the glossy footage too, the professional ways in which athletes document their daring. Don’t have a team to film you? The next best thing is the SoloShot2. Far from just another heads up action camera, the SoloShot is a robotic cameraman that never misses a moment of action. The high-tech bundle consists of a Sony CX240 camcorder, a swiveling motorized base, and an electronic tag. Set the camera and base on a location near your next feat and keep the tag on your body to fire up the system remotely. As you surf or snowboard or cower in fear, the base automatically tilts and pans the camera to keep you in the frame. So long as you’re no more than 2,000 feet away, the system will follow your every move; position the camera on the ground before a climb or on the beach before carving a swell and the setup captures crisp footage — even if all you’re doing is frantically untangling your surfboard leash 50 feet offshore. It’s not like having a full team, but it’ll leave you with quality, well-framed footage of your accomplishments. [$399;]