Rock To The Beat With Diesel Headphones

These are way better than your wimpy ear buds.

These are way better than your wimpy ear buds.

What it is:

Diesel Noise Division Vektr headphones, $250

Why we like it:

If you’re sick of “Jingle Bells” ringing all around you, block it out and listen to your own soundtrack via Diesel Noise Division’s new Vektr headphones. Created in collaboration with Monster, this techy gadget’s design and function is inspired by synesthesia, a neurological condition where senses get involuntarily mixed up. Not that these babies will allow you to smell the way a dog barks or taste the Grease soundtrack, but you will get a superior sound experience from this stylish, faceted accessory, which allows hands-free control of your music and your phone calls. 

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Stan Williams