This Electric Cooler Keeps Stuff Cool For 10 Whole Days

For when the party can’t stop, won’t stop…

Courtesy Rova

There’s plenty of quality cooler options out there, spanning from Coleman to Yeti and everything in between, but the Furrion Rova Electric Cooler has a truly unique selling point: it can keep food and drinks chilled for 10 whole days.

The Furrion ROVA Electric Cooler is compatible with the Furrion ePod battery for up to 7 days of power, or you can connect with a portable solar panel.

The Rova’s freakishly long week-and-a-half cooling capability is courtesy of its padded, pressure-injected commercial grade polyurethane foam walls, which trap cool air and retains ice for up to 10 days without a power source.

It also serve as a powerful centerpiece of any modern campsite. Not only does the Rova cooler keep food and drinks totally chill, but it also charges phones, which is always nice.

The cooler’s onboard compressor can either be powered by the ePod™ battery, wall outlet or DC outlet. The charging station comes equipped with USB ports, 110V outlet, Qi wireless dock and even a solar input for maximum sustainability.

Its retractable handle doubles as a campsite table.

Plus, this cooler is built rugged as hell, with large wheels and skates, and a retractable handle that conveniently doubles as a campsite table. 

The Furrion Rova Electric Cooler is slated for a 2019 release, but so far no word on pricing on a specific launch date.