The World’s Most Rugged and Versatile Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Tough as a tank, Braven’s BRV-PRO speaker takes sound seriously.

In the past, calling a Bluetooth speaker “a brick” would’ve merely referred to its shape. In this case, it’s also an allusion to its durability. But Braven’s steel-cased, fully waterproof BRV-PRO isn’t just tough, it’s versatile too.

Power-wise, you can stretch your tunes up to 40 hours with the spare battery pack or steal some energy from the sun by strapping on a solar panel ($50 each, both waterproof). There’s a $20 stacking accessory that lets you piggyback two BRV-PROs. But we prefer the $15 action mount, which makes the speaker compatible with GoPro and other camera mounts.

In addition to modularizing the speaker, our most favorite features are the abilities to 1) charge your phone with it and 2) wirelessly connect it to a device up to 30m away. Our least favorite feature: the speakerphone. Maybe nice to have, but every situation we can think of to bring this audio beast along is one we’d prefer to be otherwise out-of-pocket.

Photos by Braven