Why This Pepper Spray Launcher May Be the Only Home Defense Tool You’ll Ever Need

SABRE’s Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense Kit can help safely deter home intruders.

Presented by SABRE

As the leading brand of pepper spray products for consumers and law enforcement around the world, SABRE is committed to personal safety. 


Traditional pepper sprays and gels provide great protection, but the SABRE Pepper Spray launcher provides up to 150 additional feet of protection.


The device can deploy a magazine of seven maximum-strength pepper powder projectiles traveling at 330 per second that burst on impact, saturating the target’s area with a cloud that measures six feet in diameter. 

While the pepper formula can cause a severe burning sensation to the face, involuntary eye closure, coughing and sneezing, the painful impact of the projectile itself serves as a second deterrent. 

Although accurate up to 66 feet, the red pepper projectiles will break on impact up to 175 feet. The Launcher does not require perfect aim, and gives users the potential to maximize distance from the target while firing and escape to safety. The design is also recoil-free, making it easy for anyone to become proficient handlers, regardless of their experience with handguns.


The Pepper Spray Launcher is even more accessible than a firearm, requiring no permits or waiting periods to purchase in nearly every state. Paid and professional training is not needed as the lockable hard storage case includes a manual, 14 practice projectiles, seven red pepper projectiles, a magazine, two 12-gram CO2 cartridges, a target, and a training video.

Designed for maximum speed, accuracy, distance, increased incapacitation and multiple threats, the SABRE Pepper Spray Launcher takes home defense to the next level. 

Purchase the Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense kit here for $349.99