Samsung Reveals Stunning 110-Inch MicroLED 4K TV

Live large with this gigantic new 4K TV.
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Samsung first debuted a MicroLED display in 2018 with The Wall, a giant modular TV that could be configured into a staggering 292 inch screen. Now the South Korean electronics giant is selling a streamlined 110-inch MicroLED screen that offers The Wall's incredible picture quality and resolution right out of the box. 

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While the new model isn't modular, it uses the same micrometer-sized LED light tech to eliminate backlight and color filters found in other TVs. Instead, the MicoLED self-illuminates using 8 million pixel structures, expressing 100 percent of the DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut. In combination with a new Micro AI Processor, 4K HDR resolution that can accurately render images taken with high-end DSLR camera is achieved. 

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Samsung has also entirely eliminated the surrounding black matrix and bezel to create a 99.99 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is a fancy way of saying this thing is all-screen. There's also a multi-view mode that allows the MicroLED to transform from a single TV into a full-on entertainment hub, with up to four sources of content running simultaneously on as large as 55-inch split screens.  

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On the audio front, an embedded "Majestic Sound System" delivers 5.1 channel sound without an external speaker, while an Object Tracking Sound Pro feature identifies objects moving on screen and projects the sound to follow the action. Samsung says that when an airplane flies overhead on-screen, you'll hear engines roaring above you. 

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The 100-inch Samsung MicroLED rolls out globally in early 2021. A price hasn't been officially announced, but Hypebeast reports it'll cost roughly $156,000 USD.