Samsung Is Making a Vertical TV Marketed Toward Millennials

The Sero is designed with Instagram in mind.


For anyone who has ever watched a wobbly, poorly-lit Instagram Story video in portrait orientation on their smartphone then thought, “yeah, this needs to be like 3 feet tall,” Samsung has you covered. 

Kidding! But—that is reportedly not far from the truth behind one of Samsung’s newest and more unusual products, The Sero. It’s designed for Instagram-loving Millennials and the TikTok fans from an even younger generation. 

The Sero

Per Motherboard, here’s the scoop:

The Sero is a QLED high definition television that can flip 90 degrees to recapture the viewing environment of many online videos, Instagram accounts, and TikTok videos. The Seo is 43 inches, and once its flipped it pairs with your phone. Those Instagram photos will glow like never before.

Okay, so it’s flexible enough—you could own one and never even feel the need to flip it sideways. 

The Sero in the usual landscape orientation

Here’s the catch, at least for now: Even if you are interested in this unique TV, it’s only available in Korea.

Still, it’s a look at the future of television, if you think about it. Whatever issues they have with folding phones right now, Samsung usually gets it right more often than they get it wrong, and the Sero is simply one in a line of TVs the electronics giant has designed to blend into the furniture. Other models include the Frame and the Serif, first introduced at CES 2019.

That’s right, TVs designed to be easily ignored as they blend into the background are a thing. 

And The Sero will only set you back a cool $1,600.