This Space-Saving Monitor Can Flatten Against Any Wall

Maximize desk space with Samsung’s sleek new computer screen.


Samsung just announced three high-tech computer monitors, and one of them will definitely unclutter your desk. 

The aptly-named Space Monitor saves precious inches of tabletop using a simple a solution: a hinged arm that clamps to the back edge and swings flat against a wall. 


If desired, the monitor can also can be lowered to sit flush with the desk’s surface, which in turn hides the arm behind its thin bezel—see it in action below: 


Performance wasn’t sacrificed, either. The 27-inch model offers QHD resolution, while the larger 32-inch model displays in 4K UHD. Plus, the innovative stand hides the power and HDMI cords. 

The second monitor looks like a competitor to LG’s recently announced UltraWide model. Samsung bills the new CRG9 “world’s first high-resolution super ultra-wide gaming monitor”—quite a mouthful. 


Like the UltraWide, it comes in at 49-inches, supports HDR10, and has a 32:9 aspect ratio curved screen—equivalent to two side-by-side 27-inch 16:9 monitors. 

It gets the “gaming” designation thanks to a 120Hz refresh rate, dual QHD resolution and peak brightness of 1,000 nits. 

Finally, there’s the UR5PC. The 32-inch curved monitor boasts 4K UHD resolution, a 3-sided bezel-less screen and sleek two-pronged base that encases cables. 


Visit CES 2019 in Las Vegas to see Samsung’s high-tech new screens in the flesh from January 8-11.