Samsung Debuts Super Sleek OLED ‘Blade Bezel’ Laptop

93% screen and 30% lighter than any other laptop.

Samsung used CES 2021 to introduce an impressive new laptop that’s all screen and all lean. The Blade Bezel is an elegant answer to competitors like the MacBook Air, with OLED tech enhancing its display.

Perhaps the most striking feature is one you can’t see: An under panel camera (or UPC) embedded in the screen. Additionally, the Blade Bezel marks a display size increase from the normal 85 percent screen to body ratio to 93 percent. 


With that increase comes a decrease in weight, however. The Blade Bezel will be one of the lightest commercially-available laptops on the market, weighing a mere 50 grams compared to the MacBook Air’s 1.29kg.

Samsung did not reveal the availability or a price range for the Blade Bezel. Regarding the UPC innovation, The Verge notes that previous attempts haven’t been great, citing a ZTE smartphone with “an under-display selfie camera” that produced poor-quality images. 


That might sound like the kind of issue which should be more worrisome for smartphone makers but the need for excellent laptop cameras skyrocketed once the coronavirus pandemic forced so many to work from home. 

Samsung also announced in connection with CES that the electronics giant will bring out more than 10 OLED displays in 2021. 

While we don’t know when the Blade Bezel laptop will hit the market, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21 line of smartphones on January 14, 2021, and those are available for preorder now at