Samsung Just Dropped a Smart Flip Phone That Will Make Your Early 2000s Dreams Come True

Remember these things?


(Photo: Samsung)

Blackberry recently thrilled techies of a certain age with a jolt of early 2000s nostalgia when it announced it was bringing back its tactile “QWERTY keyboard.”

In another bold affront to our current touchscreen-obsessed age, Samsung has joined the early-aughts cellular throwback craze. The tech giant has officially revived the gone but not forgotten flip phone with the new Galaxy Folder 2.

Habitual butt dialers will breathe a sigh of relief, but then again… they’ll have to re-learn how to text on numerical keypads again. 

(Photo: Samsung)

It’s thin and compact enough to call to mind the sorely-missed Motorola Razr. Still, it boasts all the benefits of the smartphone age: a 3.8-inch display, a 1.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 256GB expandable storage and Android 6.0 technology.

(Photo: Samsung)

And it comes in pink, like how the Razr did.

(Photo: Samsung)

But your mid ’00s dreams may remain out of reach… for the time being. The Galaxy Folder 2 is available exclusively in South Korea for around $260, but we hope the benevolent tech lords at Samsung will bring this stateside soon.