The Samsung Radiant Speaker Looks Like It’s Going to Hatch A Face Hugger

The egg-shaped speaker throws out sound in all directions. 

On first glance, the Samsung Radiant-360 looks like something from which face-huggers are about to emerge. But the Sci-fi chic, egg-shaped speaker appears to be one of the most promising new sound systems announced this year.  Like most other wireless models, it streams via Bluetooth and WiFi and supports hi-resolution audio as well as most available audio files. But what makes it interesting is that the Radiant is the first omnidirectional wireless speaker: Using a new radiator technology, it projects a balanced, room-saturating sound. You can link it to other models in the Radiant family and create a connected whole home system, too. And so long as you’re not expecting Ellen Ripley over anytime soon, the speaker’s unique design should be a hit with guests. $499;