Samsung Unpacked 2021: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Folding Phones and Gadgets

Featuring the new Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic with pricing and release dates.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s “Unpacked” event brought with it the next generation of lustworthy folding and flipping phones that shift the paradigm from the black glass slates that’ve become standard over the past decade. 

Here’s what Samsung unveiled as their designs on the future of mobile.

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Credit: Samsung

When Samsung introduced their first Z Fold in 2019, questions swirled about durability and functionality. Two iterations later, the Galaxy Z Fold3 seems to have conquered any issue that might come with the novel, folding design. The Galaxy Z Fold3 features a 6.2” Dynamic AMOLED cover screen and a 7.6” Infinity Flex Display screen when unfolded, made more sturdy with a beefed up hinge design. No matter which way the phone is configured it’ll be rocking a 120hz refresh rate, bumped up 100% over the Z Fold2. 

While under-the-hood specs stay relatively similar, 12GB of RAM and 256GB/512GB flavors are available this time around and the inclusion of 5G means speedier internet than ever. 

A triple-camera array helps the Z Fold3 keep pace with the more typical Samsung Galaxy offerings and a front-facing camera hidden beneath the screen takes selfies without interrupting the screen at all. Samsung is also making strides in how their foldable phones work, adding functionality to make the design more versatile no matter how it’s folded. 

Whether that be displaying video on one side with media controls on the other or spread wide open for full-screen note-taking or simply the way it seamlessly changes from use on one screen to the wider screen when open. The potential of the Galaxy Z Fold3 seems infinite on introduction and will inevitably expand once the device hits stores August 27th with a starting price of $1799. Preorders are available now.

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Credit: Samsung

If the Z Fold3’s flipped open screen feels too cumbersome, Samsung is also coming through with a new version of their Z Flip device that uses their flexible display technology and updated hidden hinge to create a clamshell phone that’s more traditional smartphone when opened and innovative compact device when closed. 

The opened screen comes in at 6.7” for normal use but the outer 1.9” screen keeps notifications and other essential details within reach while closed. While the internals of the Z Flip3 are diminished in comparison to its big brother counterpart (8GB RAM, 128GB/256GB HDD options, two-camera array) they’ll still certainly perform admirably as any modern smartphone would. 

Make no mistake, the Flip is much more style-forward than the Fold powerhouse but Samsung seems intent on delivering more options and that’s never a bad thing for users. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is available for preorder now and will also reach customers on August 27th with a starting price of $999. 

Galaxy Buds2

Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s earbuds have been given a new look and feel with the Buds2 providing a seamless way to tap into Samsung’s mobile phone media and communication capabilities with crystal clear audio. 

Featuring dynamic two-way speakers means the range of sound coming from the Buds2 are better than ever before and dynamic noise-cancelling makes for a better experience whether using them for business calls or enjoying content. 

There’s also three levels of ambient-noise pass-through to let the sounds of the environment in, if that’s what the situation calls for. Samsung is also packing in machine-learning for the microphone setup to help keep voice clear and drown out background noises. The Buds2 will be available on August 27th for $149 and preorders are open now. 

Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic

Credit: Samsung

Like Apple and their watch, Samsung’s own watch offerings continue to improve year on year without wild changes to their style or design. This year, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch4 classic bring major upgrades in the way of health tracking abilities with their brand new BioActive sensor that can assess your body composition and give you accurate feedback from everything to BMI to water retention. 

These new Samsung watches also include better connectivity with Samsung Smart TVs for workout integration that seamlessly meld together into a single ecosystem. There’s also a pumped up level of integration that unifies the experience across phone and watch with more apps having watch complications and a new, smarter approach to making sure the most important settings on a Galaxy phone seamlessly push to the watch without the need for manual fine-tuning. 

The Samsung Watch4 checks in with a 40mm casing and the Watch4 Classic with a 42mm and are priced at 249.99 for the former and 349.99 for the latter. Both are available for preorder now and will make it to customers on August 27th.