Upgrade Your Smartphone With This Universal Wireless Gamepad

Finally, mobile gaming where you don’t have to block/gunk up your screen.

After opening your eyes to the wonders of this gadget that transforms iPhones into a game controllers, we received a huge pile of fake mail from Android users asking what the hell they’re supposed to do when it comes to console-style mobile gaming. Chill out, we’re on it. Rather than expanding out like that first one, Satechi’s universal wireless gamepad ($40) stretches up, to accommodate either Android or Apple phones with a familiar gamepad design.

But its compatibility doesn’t end there. It features a third mode that lets you play your windows games. (No, tablets and desktops don’t fit in the spring holder, in case you were wondering.) So in the end, whether you’re a big mobile or desktop gamer, this versatile Bluetooth joystick has you—but not your screen—covered.

Photos by Satechi