The Saturday Night Live App Is an Archive of Funny

More cowbell is just a swipe and a tap away.

NBC’s digital team has developed a Saturday Night Live app that Nick Burns, “Your Company’s Computer Guy,” could only imagine. The app, free for iOS and Android, was released in advance of Sunday night’s 40th Anniversary Special.

Every fan’s relationship with SNL has always been highly personal: Everyone has a favorite era and preferred cast members, and the developers created the app to reflect that. When you open it up, you’re greeted with a clip – say, the Celebrity Jeopardy where Sean Connery calls Alex Trebek’s mother a “whore.” The app recognizes how long you watched a clip before swiping on to the next one and uses that data to pull up sketches you might enjoy.

It’s especially well built for binge-watching: around 5,500 total sketches (some of them exclusive to the app), along with the last five episodes, are at your fingertips. For those looking for a sketches by a specific cast member or host, there’s a section of the app where you can click through by season and pull up everything involving that person. You can also create custom sketch playlists, allowing you to go from watching Land Shark to Mary Katherine Gallagher to Stefon all in one sitting. 

More gimmicky, but still fun, there’s an SNL emoji keyboard. Because nothing says “I Love You” like a Dick In a Box.