Say Goodbye to Wi-Fi Deadspots in Your Home Forever

Amped Wireless’ latest Wi-Fi extender boasts 14,000 square feet of coverage. Do you have any idea how big that is?

Not all corners of your home are created equal. So instead of losing your shit over patchy Wi-Fi, we’ve got a way to make your signal cover an area  bigger than your home and both your neighbors’ homes combined. Hell, the TITAN-EX—which, admittedly, is a pretty badass name for a WiFi gadget—lets you create up to eight guest networks. So you could literally set up shop in your neighbors’ homes and play games, stream 4K movies, whatever. Um, with their permission to hang out there…of course.

If you require additional stats to persuade you, look no further:

Bottom line: This easy-to-use Wi-Fi extender is available for $190 and blankets your whole house (or for that matter, office) with enough bandwidth and speed to let you do whatever you need to online.

Whatever that may be. No judgment.