Android Users, Rejoice: Reversible Charging Cords Are Finally Here

If there are any of you still out there.

The StrikeBase HD Kit includes a reversible cord and powerful

Okay, admittedly charging cables are not the tech of fantasy. On one level, they can’t compare with such testosterone-pumpers as railguns, flying super yachts or $1.5 million loudspeakers. But on a more practical, day-to-day level, this tech blows away those others.

In a nutshell, Scosche’s new StrikeBase HD Kit ($30) includes a reversible micro-USB cable that means you don’t have to worry about which way you plug the damn thing into your phone; plus the superCUBE, the quickest and most compact full 12-watt charger on the market. In other words, if you’ve got very little time and patience, this is the kit that’ll juice up your Android phone or tablet the fastest.

We use the superCUBE all the time and thirty bucks is almost worth it just for that thing, never mind ditching the constant hassle of worrying about your cable orientation.

A handy animation showing the—ahem—insertion
This insertion animation shouldn’t be turning us on (Photo: Scosche Industries)

Other products in their patent pending EZTIP line include products for charging in the car—a place where more speed and less thinking are good things, at least charging-wise—along with cables that integrate reinforced tips and LED lighting.

Whichever’s right for you, the archaic struggle to poke and prod while trying to simply power up or synch your phone is over. Welcome to the era of micro-USB reversibility.