Torpedo Through Water With This Speedy Electric Seascooter

It’s the next best thing to being a fish.

RS1 is Sea-Doo's top-of-the-line underwater scooter

On seaborn sojourns aboard your yacht, you may get the urge to jump ship and have a little fun. While jetting over the waves is always a good time, Sea-Doo’s Seascooter RS1 makes sure you have a blast beneath them too.

This 21-pound diver propulsion vehicle sports a powerful 500-watt lithium-ion battery capable of speeding you through the surf at 4 1/2 miles per hour and running up to 90 minutes. Although it takes about eight hours to fully charge, the ability to juice the battery externally means you can always have a spare ready to swap in between dives.

Through three gears, it's capable of over 4 MPH
Through three gears, it’s capable of over 4 MPH (Photo: Sea-Doo)

As it helps you fight currents and conserve air, you can take it 130-feet down for all sorts of recreational scuba fun. It’s neutrally buoyant, automatically filling with water when you drop it into the drink. (Strategically placed holes allow it to expel the water when you reach topside.) But it comes with four ballast weights to adjust its buoyancy to your liking.

With a firm grim on the handlebars for navigation, dual thumb triggers help you get up to speed and shift through its three gears. Glider fins make sure you thrust straight ahead. And that handlebar also serves as the perfect place to attach the optional camera mount accessory for your GoPro.

Helpful for fighting currents or just having fun
Helpful for fighting currents or just having fun (Photo: Sea-Doo)

We’ve seen the RS1—which retails for $1,450—on Amazon for just over $1,300. But we also spotted an authorized dealer offering a Pro package for $1,330 that includes the camera mount we mentioned; a pair of light mounts; spare glide fins, ballast bars, triggers, vent plug and O-ring kit; some marine silicone gel; and a handy carrying bag.

Flush with accessories, all that’s left is to find a spot to weigh anchor, dive in and relive the memories on the big screen.