Genius: Transparent Toaster Lets You See What You’re Cooking

Say goodbye to burnt toast forever.

Having innovated everything from keyboards, sunglasses and sanitary coffee lid applicators to stunning luxury furniture, industrial designer James Stumpf is out to shake things up in the kitchen. His first target: That clunky, boxy, finicky contraption that burnt your bagel this morning.

The Stumpf Studio concept toaster mostly utilizes renewable glass and bamboo, with no plastic and minimal metal. Other than its fresh, clean—not to mention transparent—look, this eco-friendly appliance upgrades the user experience as well. Its two-inch touchscreen lets you set the heat and tells you when it’s safe to snag your comestibles (before they become combustibles right in plain view).

This design nixes the need for a pop-up mechanism. Which certainly makes things simpler, but also begs the question as to whether Pop-Tarts would just then be…Tarts, Standing-Tarts, Voyeur-Tarts? We’ll punt on that one.