Segway’s First Robotic Lawnmower Uses GPS To Stay in Your Yard

This grass-cutting robot is coming for your overgrown lawn.


Since building a brand on self-balancing personal transportation devices, Segway has expanded its consumer product range to include e-scooters, go-karts (including this Lamborghini-inspired Ninebot) and now, autonomous mowers

The Segway Navimow is like a Roomba for your lawn, except it’s even better than most other robotic vacuums and mowers currently sold in one key way. 

The Verge reports that instead requiring installation of a physical or virtual boundary, the device uses GPS to stay on “precise position and systematic mowing patterns.” 

Users define the boundary and any no-go areas on a smartphone app, and the Navimow will maintain accuracy down to two centimeters. In the event of a weak GPS signal, the Navimow has sensors to keep it chugging along. 

Reasonable changes in gradient are no problem, as the Navimow can move up a 45-degree incline. And because the motor is electric, it emits 54 db of noise—far less than a gas-powered lawn mower. 


A rock-solid construction promises the ability to “withstand heavy splashing and high-pressure water jets,” while a special sensor will send it to a sheltered charging station in the event of rain. Crucially, it also features Blade Halt technology that’s automatically activated when items like pets or toys are detected in its path. 

Segway offers three versions for different sized lawns. The H500E for up to 5,400 square feet, the H800 for up to 8,610 feet, and the H1500E for up to 16,145. 

No word on when the Segway Navimow will go on sale in the states, but prices will start at around $1,425.