Seiko Debuts 40th Anniversary Hybrid Diver Watch

A special edition reboot of the first-ever timepiece to blend an analog and digital display.


The best parts of your everyday carry serve as a literal Swiss Army Knife, checking all the right boxes — that goes for your wrist game, and Seiko rises to meet that demand with a revamped Seiko Hybrid Diver in a limited-edition build.

The original 1982 edition broke new ground, featuring both an analog and digital display, not to mention both an alarm and a chronograph. It’s a fitting reminder of why models like the Seiko Prospex have been trusted in extreme conditions on-screen and in real life, to say the least.


Seiko watches, like the Seiko Astron GPS Solar, always tend to blend utility and style, and the rebooted Hybrid Diver is no exception.

The 2022 edition of the Hybrid Diver gets a bold and rugged design via a sturdy 47mm case diameter, plus 200 meters of water resistance (a step up from the 150 meters of water resistance of the OG model).


Dubbed the SNJO37, the 40th anniversary edition is limited to 4,000 units and will run you about $1,040 dollars Stateside.

It’s the definition of a rugged, durable tool watch meant to be worn almost on the daily, with the dependability to last for, well, perhaps four more decades.

It’s also rare to find a watch of this caliber that retails for just a shade over a grand. In our book, that’s a fitting price to pay for a watch that can nearly do it all, complete with striking design touches of red and blue on its pushers.

To harken back to the past and take on future adventures, a watch like the retooled Seiko Hybrid Diver sounds like your best bet, to say the least.