The Dominos of Pot Will Deliver Legal Weed to Your Door in Under an Hour

They’ll hook you up with a prescription, but sadly, no pizza.

Speed Weed is a medical marijuana delivery service in the L.A. area that blends technology and convenience for its customers.

If you’re in the greater Los Angeles area, you may be able to get medical-grade marijuana products delivered, thanks to SpeedWeed. We know what you’re thinking: the holidays are finally bearable. Although others may be thinking: could we possibly get lazier? The answers are yes and probably not.

But how is this any different than the weed delivery dude you already have? Well for starters, it’s legal, and also, the technology behind it. The service has integrated HelloMD into their proprietary software, allowing prospective clients to (for a $49 fee) quickly, privately and officially get an online recommendation for medical marijuana from an actual doctor. In the biz, this is referred to as “Telehealth.” In our world, it’s called “Tell a friend to bring the Doritos, cause guess what’s on its way?”

Although SpeedWeed isn’t the only such delivery service, they claim to be both the largest and fastest growing in California. Just know, the next time you’re in the mood and don’t feel like dialing up a dude who will “get here when he gets here” and then hangs around awkwardly until you offer to smoke him up, you’ve got other options. Legal ones.

Photos by SpeedWeed