Halloween Won’t Be Complete Without This Sexy Ken Bone Costume

It’s come to this.


(Photo: Yandy.com)

For women who are undecided about what to wear for Halloween, a strong contender this year is the “Sexy Undecided Voter,” courtesy of Yandy.com.

This is not just any chin-scratching, perpetually ruminating voter, but a get-up obviously based on the legendary, one-and-only Ken Bone, complete with the luxurious lip warmer.

After the red-sweatered attendee of the second Presidential Debate emerged as an American Internet hero, many pundits assumed Ken Bone would be the costume of Halloween 2016. But they might not have anticipated such a sexy twist on his now-iconic bespectacled, midwestern-comfy look. 

(Photo: Yandy.com)

The costume will be available soon for $99.95 on Yandy.com.

(Photo: Yandy.com)