The Futuristic 'Smart Strap' Lets You Speak on the Phone with Your Fingers

Talk to the hand.
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(Photo: Sgnl)

(Photo: Sgnl)

Next time you rummage through your pockets in pursuit of your ringing cellphone, realize the power to communicate could be at the tip of your fingers.

A new "smart strap" called Sgnl aims to let you talk to the hand, literally. Once your smartphone is hooked up to the strap via bluetooth, it'll generate vibrating transmissions through your index finger, allowing your finger to double as a speaker.

The sound is reportedly crisp, and if you inch your fingertip further into your ear canal, you can even block out background noise.

See how it works, below:

(Photo: Sgnl)

(Photo: Sgnl)

There's also an embedded microphone on the strap so you can chat up a storm without any need for a phone.

Perhaps even niftier is that you can strap it on to just about any watch, including an Apple Watch or one from Samsung Gear.

Regrettably, this must-have strap isn't available for sale... yet. It just passed it $50,000 Kickstarter goal and is being helmed by a former subsidiary of Samsung, Innomdle Lab, which has since spun into its own innovative company.

See it in action, below:

h/t The Verge

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