Shades of Tony Stark

Space Glasses by Meta let you manipulate the virtual world with your actual hands.

Space Glasses by Meta let you do the Tony Stark thing without having to put up with Gwyneth Paltrow. Put these holographic specs on and you can manipulate images, create objects with your fingertips, make phone calls to your celebrity friends, and record video. You can also talk to Jarvis – just don’t expect him to talk back.

By combining nine axis motion tracking cameras and a screen 15 times bigger than Google Glass with surround sound acoustics Meta has created an experience that is only slightly less immersive than real life. Space Glasses, due out in January 2015, are also compatible with your other devices. Meta boasts the ability to integrate with your phone and your laptop, which you can see as a hologram in front of you. The MetaApp store is rumored to offer “500 million apps” that will further the glasses’ functionality. That sounds ridiculous, but is indicative of the number of possibilities this newfangled View-Master presents. 

What’s perhaps most inspiring is the ZeroUI™ interface that lets you manipulate holographic objects using your hands, with the ability to then print these objects using 3D printing. Iron Man never had it so good. The detuned developer edition will set you back $667, but the META pro is what the real billionaire playboys will be wearing, and it’ll cost you $3,650. That’s steep, but can you really put a price on being the first guy on your block to have a piece of ground-breaking tech? You cannot. [Preorders starting at $667;]

Photos by Sterling Rogersby