The Single Best Way to Improve Your Golf Game

The golf world is full of bad ideas (like wearing any of the apparel), but Arccos will make you better.

Amateur golf is a game of ignorance and delusion. Maybe we’re blinded by love, but the average player is woefully bereft of accurate information about their game. How many fairways did you hit? How many greens in regulation? What’s your sand save percentage and where are your misses? You don’t know. You’ve never known. Granted, it’s not your fault ­you can’t keep track of all those stats, you have to play (and faster, please.) But the fact is, you’re in the dark about the true nature of your game.

Arccos, a real time GPS and stat tracking system, is here to enlighten you. In fact, Arccos is here to take your game, jack it up on the lift, walk you underneath and reveal every last thing about it:­ the good, the bad and the butt ugly. So get ready to get schooled, because big data has come to weekend golf.

How does this voodoo work? A small Bluetooth sensor is screwed into the grip end of each club. Download the free Arccos iPhone app (currently 4s or later Android and Windows are coming) and play golf. That’s it. Every course in the US is GPS mapped, and every shot you hit is automatically recorded and interpreted by what Arccos calls its Tour Analytics Platform, which was developed in partnership with Callaway Golf.

The result is a stats bonanza. You probably didn’t know that while you’re a 10 handicap overall, your approach game is statistically an 8, but your putting is a 13. Or that when you miss a fairway, 72% of the time it’s to the right. And on and on. All aspects of your game are laid bare, accessible immediately. And get a load of this: at the end, you’re able to see every shot overlayed on a bird’s eye view of the course. It’s like meeting your golf game for the first time.

The potential for player improvement here is huge. Until now, stats and analysis like this have been available only to Tour pros. It is what those bastards use to get better. With Arccos, you can give yourself the pro treatment to learn what you never knew about your game. And as a wise man once said, if you don’t know, now you know, golfer.