These DIY Skull Ice Cubes Are a Deadly Cool Way to Chill Cocktails

Stare death in the eye with every swig.

Skull Ice Cubes
Image: Market Novelty/Amazon

For whatever creepy reason, skulls make pretty much everything look totally badass, whether they’re adding a sinister aesthetic quality to bikes, watches, or even refrigerators.  

Thanks to this awesome 3D Skull Ice Cube tray, you can now add miniature craniums to your beverage of choice and stare death in the eye with every swig.

The silicone ice cube tray freezes four sizable 2 x 2.36-inch slow-melting skulls at a time. This means they’ll chill your drink quickly, but will gradually bring out the subtle notes in a glass of whiskey that surface when mixed with a splash of water. 

The mold is also totally dishwater-safe, and comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. 

At the bargain price of $15, this is one impulse buy you won’t need to feel bad about. Head to Amazon to get yours now. 

h/t: Hi Consumption