This Backpack Could Save You From Getting Trapped in a Sky Scraper

From backpack to rappelling in seconds.

It’s one thing to get high. But you definitely don’t want to be stuck up high when a building catches fire. Given how quickly flames can spread, every second counts. That’s why your survival might depend on SkySaver (and some quick thinking).

This rescue pack, which launched this past summer, offers a controlled descent for individuals weighing between 66 and 300 pounds. Strap on the backpack, clip the carabineer to the sturdy anchor point you’ve already installed, jump out the window and it’ll automatically lower you to safety at 3 to 6 feet per second. Best of all, the pack only requires one person to operate.

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It comes with a 7-year warranty and is available in three lengths of fire-resistant cable: 80 feet ($899), 160 feet ($949) and 260 feet ($999). Definitely a lot to spend on an ordinary backpack, but not the kind of thing you’d sweat at all that one time it saves your ass in an emergency.