The Smallest, Lightest, Toughest Ear-Free Headphones You Can Get

AfterShokz’s new bone conduction headphones are their best yet.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, these headphones don’t go in or on your ears, but rest just in front of them and send the sound directly to your inner ear via your cheekbones. They’re great for folks who have trouble finding a good size of earbud that’s comfortable and stays in. But best of all, they allow you to hear your music while staying both active and aware of your surroundings. (Just like the Batband we showed you a couple of weeks ago.)

A note to the 4,500 or so folks who’ve already contributed to the success of bone conduction headphone maker AfterShokz’s first crowdfunding campaign: We managed to get our hands on the very first Trekz Titanium engineering sample in existence and we gotta say, we’re liking what we hear. (We have to return these, so we’re not just saying that.)

Especially given that we’ve heard several generations of AfterShokz products over the past few years, we’re impressed at how well they crammed their unique technology into significantly thinner, lighter, tougher, more flexible and portable headphones—that still sound good, both for music and phonecalls.

As the Indiegogo campaign winds down its very last hours, you can still snag a good deal: $99—or less, based on a deal where they give you a discount if you refer friends or family members to order them as well.

Photos by AfterShokz