Smart Wireless Earbuds Let You Control Your Music with Gestures

Beware of head banging.

Previously, we’ve seen wire-free stereo Bluetooth earbuds come and go in the crowdfunding community. Although these new ones might not be the tiniest ones out there, the Elbee buds have some very cool functionality packed into their still-relatively-small 1-inch frames.

In addition to truly wireless stereo music with noise cancelation, they feature the ability to control your music with head gestures. (And you thought folks walking around the city with tiny earsets seemingly talking to themselves look crazy). Two other fun ways to manipulate your audio are through voice commands and capacitive touch gestures on the buds themselves.

This video offers a look at their functionality (including some cool home automation stuff), but it’s worth checking out just for the overly dramatic enactment just over two minutes in:

The good news is that since they’re only 20% to their goal and still have a month left, you can pick them up for just $149 (a little over half what they’ll retail for). The bad news is that you’ll have to wait about a year to actually get to enjoy them. Ah, but such is the tradeoff of living on the leading edge of technology.

Photos by Elbee