Is This the Smartest Cooler Money Can Buy?

Say hello to the ultimate tailgate upgrade.

We’ve all been there. You’ve got all the right ingredients: the music, the booze, and the portable ice chest. But then you’ve only got a few hours until the ice thaws and someone is haplessly scapegoated for the now-warm beers. It’s a common annoyance and one those indefatigable disrupters of Silicon Valley are bent on rectifying.

Enter Nipi, the latest entry into an ever-expanding pool of smart coolers. While it’s got myriad high-tech features and a sleek design to boot, it’s first and foremost one of the best coolers out there. The Nipi is built with weatherproof casing, and its double-seal lid promises to keep your drinks chilled for up to six days without electricity. In another point of innovation, Nipi has rubber wheels that are tall and fortified, so it can handle just about any terrain — from gravel to sand.

Nipi is much more than a cooler, though. Billing itself as an “ultra-portable charging hub,” it comes with four USB ports so that you can power up your smart phone or plug in your speakers while far from the comforts of wired society. If, for whatever reason, the two 14,000 mAh lithium polymer batteries don’t supply enough juice, the Nipi comes with a 12w solar panel that can be mounted onto the outer lid to keep it going strong for days.

However, the Nipi really shines at night with its impressive LED lighting system. There are several LED lights affixed to the exterior that emit a soft, white glow — perfect for outdoor partying and virtual campfires. LED lights inside mean you’ll never fish out a Fanta when you really meant to grab a Bud. Plus, its lockable dry storage unit will guard your valuables from any late-night hijinks.

While the cooler industry doesn’t seem a likely bullseye for venture-capital disruption, customers are eager for innovation. Portable ice chests haven’t changed much over the past half-century, and over $30,000 has already been pledged to its online Kickstarter, which has a $60,000 goal. Nipi estimates that its retail price will be $499, so pledge now, while you stand to earn a sizable discount.