The SnapJet Is a Polaroid-Style Printer for Your Smartphone

It instantly spits out real photographs of all your digital shots.

No, nobody wants to see those sepia-filtered shots of your avocado toast. But some smartphone photos are meant for more than the confines of your social media feed. That’s where the SnapJet comes in handy. A pocket-sized wireless printer, it spits out hi-resolution, Polaroid-style prints of prized shots. There’s no ink, Bluetooth, or WiFi involved; instead, you place a smartphone facedown on the SnapJet and it scans and reproduces whatever image is currently displayed. It accepts commonly found Fuji Instamax Mini or Polaroid PIF film and works with nearly any smartphone. The only thing not instant about this printer? It’s release date. The SnapJet won’t be available until late this year. [$TBD;]