This Amazing Coffee Table Keeps Beers Cold, Plays Music and Even Charges Your Phone

This is freakin' genius.
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sobro coffee table

The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table is here to solve the age-old dilemma of having to actually get your ass off the couch and walk to the fridge every time you want a fresh cold one.

OK—it's not really a big problem, but the convenience of having a refrigerator full of beer, water, juice or soda hidden in a drawer inside a sleekly modernistic coffee table is far too tantalizing an idea to pass up. 

And that's only one of its many "cool" components. The Sobro's tempered glass top doubles as a touch-sensitive interface that controls everything from the cooler's temperature to the unit's Bluetooth speakers and ambient underglow lighting. 

It even has four USB ports and two power ports, meaning you no longer have to leave your phone on the floor while you wait for it to charge off an inconveniently placed wall outlet. Bascially, this thing is totally sick and we want one, pronto. 

Sobro launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in mid-March and they're offering early backers up to a $950 discount off the $1,500 list price while supplies last. 

Place an order for this awesomely futuristic piece of furniture at a bargain price while you still can.  

h/t: Hi Consumption