The Softub Is a Hot Tub You Can Move Anywhere

The lightweight, portable Jacuzzi sits on any flat surface–and it’s way cheaper than a regular hot tub.

Softub goes indoors and out

Luxuriating in a hot tub sounds lovely—but it sounds even lovelier when you can choose where to put it, indoors or out, year round in hot or cold weather. For over a quarter century, the folks at Softub have been crafting simple, durable, portable spas that do just that.

Their latest and greatest, the 300+ model, features a built-in semicircular “therapy seat,” along with two fixed and five adjustable jets for your hot, bubbly pleasure.

Available in three sizes, with a bunch of colors and accessories (Photo: Softub)
Available in three sizes, with a bunch of colors and accessories (Photo: Softub)

Other than the ability to place this happy hot tub on any level surface—whether it be in your bathroom, on your back deck or aboard your yacht—Softub’s great for its efficiency. Plugged into any standard 120-volt outlet, its combined motor, pump and heater unit smartly heats the water up to 104 degrees round the clock, even incorporating excess heat from the motor as it does. Plus, it costs about 50 percent less to run than a regular tub. Watch it here in all its portable glory:

With seven exterior and three interior color options, Softub’s available in three sizes from 5 feet ($3,600) to 6 1/2 feet ($5,200) in diameter, designed to accommodate two to six people.

And although its Polybond foam shell and LeatherTex marine-grade vinyl upholstery allow it to stand just fine on its own, we like how it looks with the optional Surround accessory in either wood ($1,100) or rattan ($2,500).